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Guidelines For Civies Day



A.        Introduction

Civvies day is optional and is viewed as a privilege. Although this is a guide, it will be     enforced and learners who do not adhere to the guidelines will forfeit any future civvies days.

  1. Aim
  1. To raise money for a specific cause / purpose
  2. To support a cause
  3. To reward classes who achieve their quota of signatures

C.        Dress code rules

            All basic rules will apply, ONLY clothing changes:


  1. Full length, plain jeans and a standard long or short sleeved, crew neck, t-shirt.
  2. Shorts may be worn if they are knee length.  No tight fitting shorts or jeans.
  3. Jackets or hoodies may be worn, over the standard t-shirt, only on cold days,.
  4. Clothing should be neat and tidy with no underwear revealed
  5. Girls – no high – heeled shoes

      Accessories and / or other

  1. Girls hair – tied up
  2. Boys hair – no gel
  3. Girls – only silver / gold studs or sleeper earrings, no fashion accessories such as rings, necklaces, bracelets etc
  4. Boys – no jewellery / accessories whatsoever. Shoes are to be laced up.
  5. No make – up
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